banking jobs in UAE | Standard Chartered Bank emirates careers

  banking jobs in UAE | Standard Chartered Bank emirates careers


banking jobs in UAE | Standard Chartered Bank emirates careers

Standard Chartered Bank announced, through its Linkedin account, a bank job in uae (Executive Banking Relationship Manager) according to the following:

  • Ensure “Customer Due Diligence” requirements as prescribed by the bank are duly adhered to. All legal and compliance guidelines provided by the bank are adhered to.
  • Data confidentiality and secrecy norms of the bank are fully adhered to.
  • Ensure error free application and documentation, all the documents provided by the customer for completion of the account opening forms and/or loan application forms should be duly checked prior to submission.
  • Ensure that the sales process prescribed by the bank is fully adhered to.
  • Ensure full awareness of all policies related to Mis-selling etc. & comply the same.
  • Maintain complete and detailed knowledge of all the assigned products.
  • Be responsive to customer’s needs and practice responsible selling, adhering to appropriate sales and marketing practices.
  • Maintain accurate and up to date activity records.
  • Liaise with the Bank’s Corporate, Commercial & Transaction Banking teams to develop and deepen relationships with key corporate entities. Present the Affluent CVP to stakeholders within the companies and engage them to onboard their senior employees into the Bank’s Affluent banking segments
  • Conduct sales & induction camps, kiosks and product presentations at company premises
  • Utilize available resources including the Affluent proposition, product benefits matching client needs, the Bank’s brand, global network, ad hoc campaigns, and specialist support to onboard affluent clients to the Bank
  • Ensure early deepening of clients across multiple products to create client stickiness and to become the primary bank for the client’s transactional, savings and investment needs
  • Execute onboarding activities across the Bank’s local and international network to acquire Affluent clients.
  • Ensure that onboarded clients match the profile as set out for Affluent clients to ensure sustainable growth of the Affluent portfolio
  • Ensure new clients have a seamless initial onboarding experience, 
  • Maintain the quality of the portfolio in terms of client qualification.
  • Lead the Bank’s Affluent client growth strategy by utilizing the Affluent client value proposition to acquire New to Bank Affluent clients. 
  • Develop & deepen corporate relationships to source Affluent & C-suite clients via referrals and leads on full Affluent offering
  • Also handle client-led requests via marketing campaigns and online pull
  • Activate NTB clients, set up and educate clients on remote channel usage i.e., Online, Contact Centre, ATM, and hand-over clients to assigned Priority Banking Teams.
  • Previous Direct Sales / Employee Banking experience in UAE market.
  • Minimum Graduate Degree Holder.
  • Previous experience of Deposits / Liability in UAE market.

Details and apply for this Standard Chartered Bank job as follows:

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