Banking jobs in Germany | LBBW Bank

 Banking jobs in Germany | LBBW Bank

Banking jobs in Germany | LBBW Bank

 LBBW Bank announced, through its Linkedin account, a bank job (Werkstudententätigkeit Investment Research mit dem Schwerpunkt Emittentenprofile (m/w/d)) according to the following

Personal: You ensure that each person gets the ideal banking product for their individual needs. With this claim, you advise service customers on our offers and services.

Proactive: Whether in the branch or on the phone – service quality is your top priority. You actively address customers, advise them personally or refer them to digital services. This is how you ensure a positive customer experience.

Groundbreaking: Does anyone need more comprehensive advice? With this question in mind, you can identify potential customers and generate them for consulting contacts. You also support the sales activities of the consultants.

Responsible: With automatic cash safes comes great responsibility. You manage the AKT and also carry out cash transactions.

Helpful: You enjoy imparting knowledge and sharing your experiences. This makes it easier for new colleagues and trainees to get started.

Details and apply for this job at LBBW Bank as follows:

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