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  Banking jobs in Germany | DZ BANK AGBanking jobs in Germany | DZ BANK AG

 DZ BANK AG  announced, through its Linkedin account, a bank job (Trainee (w/m/d) Firmenkundengeschäft) according to the following

  • This has a large number of master's studios in one volume (2.5 pounds), be sure to enter the Economics or Finance.
  • You have in-depth bank business knowledge as well as practical experience (e.g. through bank training, internship) in the area of corporate customer support. We have more wisdom and more information about this, which has many different uses.
  • Due to the willingness to perform and sense of responsibility to act as a team for the common success of the customers (m/f/d) and the bank.
  • These analysis methods are available, such as mobile phone and mobile phone support, which can be connected to the standpoint network (f/d/m) and other teams.
  • This can be for new and old children. This is why the driver is in the middle of the road, and now he is in charge of using (d/f/m) and this team with you.
  • You can speak German at least. With the C1 level, it will be removed from the ground and then on.

Details and apply for this job at DZ BANK AG  as follows:

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