banking jobs in UAE | Standard Chartered Bank emirates careers

 banking jobs in UAE | Standard Chartered Bank emirates careers


banking jobs in UAE | Standard Chartered Bank emirates careers

Standard Chartered Bank announced, through its Linkedin account, a bank job in uae (Director - Conduct, Financial Crime & Compliance, myZoi Venture - SC Ventures) according to the following:

  • myZoi is an exciting fintech start-up aiming to promote financial inclusion globally.
  • Support in building a sustainable compliance framework (including regulatory and financial crime) that places regulatory and compliance best practice standards, and a culture of appropriate conduct at the forefront of the Company's agenda. 
  • Support the implementation of the vision, strategy, and direction for the Company. 
  • Support high standards of regulatory compliance and deliver key priorities and initiatives, aligned to the Company's business goals. 
  • As an independent second line risk control function, execute the relevant aspects of the Compliance (including Financial Crime and Enterprise) risk framework through robust independent risk control and the provision of specialist advice and constructive challenge in a manner proportionate to the nature, scale and complexity of the Group's business. 
  • Promote the culture and practice of adherence to compliance standards (including conducting business within regulatory requirements, and to high ethical standards) and the Code of Conduct within the Company. 
  • Support in the delivery of appropriate regulatory guidance, and the establishment of an integrated programme to identify, manage, monitor, and report Compliance (including regulatory, conduct and financial crime) risk within the Company
  • Be guided by and aligned to the Group's and SCV's Compliance framework; and ensure Group and SCV compliance risk framework owners receive necessary updates, reports and escalations in a timely manner. 
  • Working experience in risk management (preferably in compliance and regulatory risk management). 
  • 8 years' working experience in or supporting the financial services industry (preferably in the banking industry)
  • Knowledge of practices, behaviors, applicable laws, rules, and regulations governing proper business conduct; ability to demonstrate ethical behavior in diverse situations. 
  • Knowledge of the processes, customs, policies, and rules affecting the way the organization is administered and controlled; ability to ensure compliance with the same
  • Knowledge of processes, tools and techniques for assessing and controlling an organization's exposure to risks of various kinds.
  • Ability to apply this knowledge appropriately to diverse situations. 
  • Understanding of best practice risk management techniques and frameworks
  • Knowledge of and ability to help an organisation adapt to applicable legislation and company-specific regulations, policies, and guidelines affecting business practices. 
  • Understanding of the key features of relevant laws and regulations relevant to the Group. 
  • Knowledge of concept, methods, and processes of internal control; ability to create, implement, evaluate and enhance processes in internal controls. 

Details and apply for this Standard Chartered Bank job as follows:

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