bank job In UAE | Emirates Development Bank (EDB) careers emirates

  bank job In UAE | Emirates Development Bank (EDB) careers emirates 

Bank Jobs In UAE | Emirates Development Bank (EDB) careers

Emirates Development Bank (EDB) announced, through its Linkedin account, a bank job Finance Manager according to the following

  • Manage and control accounting and financial activities in bank including debit and credit accounts, monitoring general ledger. 
  • Bookkeeping all financial activities and preparing financial reporting as per management and regulated circulations. 
  • Bank Reconciliation: Bank reconciliation accountant is responsible for reconciling the organization's bank statements with its internal accounting records. 
  • Compare the transactions recorded in the organization's books with the transactions reported by the bank, ensuring that any discrepancies are identified and resolved
  • Transaction Verification: Bank reconciliation accountant verify the accuracy and completeness of all financial transactions recorded in the organization's books. 
  • Review bank statements, check deposits, withdrawals, and other bank transactions to ensure they are properly recorded and classified.
  • Error Identification and Correction: Bank reconciliation accountant identify and rectify errors or inconsistencies in the organization's bank transactions. 
  • Investigate discrepancies between bank statements and accounting records, trace missing or misclassified transactions, and make necessary adjustments or corrections.
  •  Documentation and Recordkeeping: Bank reconciliation accountant must maintain comprehensive documentation and records related to bank transactions. 
  • Organize and file bank statements, reconciliations, supporting documents, and any other relevant information for future reference and audit purposes.
  • Internal Controls: Bank reconciliation accountant plays a crucial role in maintaining internal controls related to cash transactions. 
  • Identify weaknesses in the organization's banking processes, propose improvements, and ensure adherence to internal control policies and procedures.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Bank reconciliation accountant communicates regularly with various stakeholders, including the finance team, auditors, and bank representatives , address inquiries, resolve discrepancies, provide reports, and collaborate to ensure accurate and timely financial reporting.
  • Reconciliation Reporting: Bank reconciliation accountant prepares reconciliation reports that summarize the reconciled bank transactions, outstanding items, and any adjustments made. 
  • These reports are shared with management and may be used for financial analysis, decision-making, and external reporting.
  • Determine employee responsibilities to support them taking decisions whenever needed.
  • Conduct performance evaluation as per approved policy and procedures to ensure employees development. 
  • Provide Training and guidance to team members to enhance employees’ capabilities. 
  • Bachelor’s degree with specialization in accountancy
  • Professional Qualification in relevant field
  • At least 5 years of relevant work in the Banking / Financial Sectors.

Details and apply for this Emirates Development Bank (EDB) career as follows:

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