5 Types of Digital Marketing That Will Boost Your Affiliate Sales

 5 Types of Digital Marketing That Will Boost Your Affiliate Sales

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5 Types of Digital Marketing That Will Boost Your Affiliate Sales

  • Affiliate marketing has exploded in recent years, and digital marketing has played an instrumental role in that explosion.
  •  One of the main reasons why affiliate marketing has been so successful is due to the power of digital marketing. If you’re looking to start an affiliate marketing business, it’s important to understand what types of digital marketing can help your business succeed. 
  • The following 5 types of digital marketing are most essential to affiliate marketing businesses.

1) Links

  • Through links you can send potential customers to related content, usually with a small piece of code that gets them to your site. 
  • This technique is called affiliate marketing, where a website markets products by way of linking through similar affiliate networks. 
  • Another very common digital marketing strategy is in-post links—whereby you create anchor text within your posts and use it to drive readers to another part of your site or landing page. In some cases, in-post links are used to drive traffic directly to an affiliate offer. 
  • The latter is not only a more ethical way of promoting affiliate offers but also generates higher conversion rates because people tend to be more trusting when they arrive at your site via an organic search rather than from a paid advertisement.
  • To be successful with affiliate marketing and digital marketing, you need good traffic: Without visitors coming into your site (via social media or search engines), there’s no chance for conversions. 
  • It’s not enough just to have high conversion rates; you also need plenty of traffic so that there are plenty of conversions available for each visitor who lands on your page.

2) Videos

  • If you want to start your own affiliate business but don’t know where to begin, look no further than YouTube. 
  • YouTube is not only a great place to learn more about potential products and affiliate promotions, but it’s also an excellent resource for creating digital content that will boost your affiliate sales. 
  • Video marketing is still in its infancy, with plenty of room for growth and new opportunities. It’s not hard work either; all you have to do is spend time learning how to produce and host videos with popular platforms like Wistia or Animoto. 
  • After that, you can put those videos on your website or even share them on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn if they’re relevant enough to your audience.

4) Email

  • Email marketing is one of your most valuable digital marketing tools because it’s easy to execute and cost-effective. 
  • Learn how to boost your email opt-in rate with simple changes that will keep customers coming back for more—like making sure you use a strong, clear call to action in your emails. 
  • And if you have an active ecommerce site, adding autoresponders to your email marketing strategy can help reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase sales.
  • The digital marketing mix (DMM) is a traditional marketing model that has evolved over time as technology has become more prevalent in business transactions.

5) Social Media

  • There are five main types of digital marketing: search engine optimization (SEO), paid search advertising (PPC), social media, display advertising, and email marketing. 
  • While each one plays a role in digital affiliate marketing efforts, there is one type that has proven most effective.
  •  Social media! The best affiliates have very active social media accounts and grow their followings often by participating in popular online discussions—like #adultdiapers on Twitter. 
  • This not only drives targeted traffic to their sites, but these communities also create opportunities for affiliate engagement with existing or new customers through comments and questions.
  •  For instance, an affiliate can answer a question about a product or service in a thread discussing adult diapers on Twitter and then link back to their site where they may be promoting that same diaper brand.


  •  Social Media – Having a strong social media presence is essential in digital marketing and you can use it to push affiliate products. 
  • Create Twitter and Facebook accounts dedicated to your website, build up a following and you’ll be able to promote affiliate offers via social media. 
  • Commenting on Other Websites – Joining online communities on forums related to your niche will help create brand awareness for you site; it may also generate affiliate sales leads if those forums are full of people looking for new products.
  •  Creating an Email List – While email lists aren’t as popular as they once were, they’re still effective. You can use them to promote affiliate products or services to subscribers and drive traffic back to your site by offering discounts or freebies like ebooks.
  • Display Advertising – With display advertising, you pay each time someone clicks on an ad that has been placed on another website. 
  • It costs more than other forms of advertising but it allows you to target specific audiences based on demographics and interests so that you get a good return-on-investment (ROI).