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 3 things to know to succeed with affiliate marketing 

3 things to know to succeed with affiliate marketing
3 things to know to succeed with affiliate marketing 

What are the three things you wish you had known before you started your affiliate marketing business?

If you've been doing affiliate marketing for a while, knowing this is a great way to start talking to your target audience.

But if you are new to affiliate marketing, this information can help you tell your sponsor exactly what you need from them.

Our ability to focus is getting worse every year, so it's important to know the difference between "consuming" and "creating" content.

Time is very valuable. It's the one thing we can never get back. When we're done with it, it's GONE FOREVER.

So take a moment RIGHT NOW to send an email to your list... What can you give them that will help them with their own businesses? After all, you will make money if you can help them solve a problem.

That's why digital marketing is so great. You can literally solve people's problems and charge them money for it. It's wonderful!

So STOP taking things in and START making things. If you can make at least one piece of content every day, it will motivate you to make more. We all know that you can make more money online if you have more content.

So, what kinds of content should you make?

1.) Written content. Now, this doesn't work as well as it used to. My information marketing business still gets a lot of business from written content, though.

I think you should write at least two articles per day that use the EXACT keywords that your audience is looking for. When you start getting good leads for your business, this will make you want to work more.

2.) Video content. This can be either content taken from the screen or content taken from a selfie. The idea is to make videos that help people improve themselves or get what they want.

You can easily hire someone to write this content on Fiverr. You can find the exact people who can write your content for you on this site.

3.) Audio content. Audio content, like video content, can help your audience understand what you have to offer. You should make audio content that your audience will LOVE, just like the famous podcast star Joe Rogan.

Choose the best way to make content that works for you. As soon as you choose one, start making things!