7 Questions To Ask Yourself If You Want To Make More Money In 2023

7 Questions To Ask Yourself If You Want To Make More Money In 2022 

7 Questions To Ask Yourself If You Want To Make More Money In 2022
Making more money and having a better and happier life are always our top hidden and sometimes open goals for the new year, and 2022 will be no different. 


Money isn't the only thing we desire for ourselves and our friends and neighbors, but we know that having more money signifies God has heard our prayers. 


We make New Year's resolutions and hope for the best. Sadly, we forget these goals a few days into the New Year as life takes over.

Some think that to accomplish anything, you need to sit down and make plans, establish objectives, and then execute your strategies. 


It's a bad concept. Instead of making plans and objectives, ask yourself questions. So, to position yourself to generate more money in 2022. these are the top seven questions to ask


1. What do I want to earn?

 This is the first thing you should ask yourself. It's your road map. Before doing anything else, decide how much you want to earn in 2022. 

The more accurate the figure, the better. Say I want to earn $50,000 or $1 million in 2022, not more or a lot. When you do that, your mind starts moving forces to assist you reach your goal. 

The human mind craves accuracy, therefore if you want to attain your goal, be specific about it. Set lofty goals to be unrealistic. It's a mentality. Why aim for $20,000 when you can aim for $150,000, which is 10x your present income?

2. Does what I'm doing now put more money in my pocket?

 Many individuals like doing things that make them famous, loved, or liked, and seldom consider if their actions increase their wealth. 

Time is a rare resource that once gone is gone forever. So make the most of your time.

 When offered or enticed to do anything, constantly ask yourself, "Will this help me make more money?" If no, don't do it. If you do, you're defrauding yourself since you might have utilized that time to earn more money or increase your bank account.

 Be selfish with your time and avoid taking on too many tasks and assignments that don't pay you more.

3. How can I double, quadruple, or tenfold my income?

Plan your income growth geometrically, not gradually, in 2022.

 Consider how you may double your income in a month or three months to $20,000, or perhaps tenfold it to $100,000. If you work 9-5, consider changing jobs or asking your present employer to increase your income.

 Can you double or treble your income as a self-employed person? Every day in 2022, have a notebook handy and think of methods to double, quadruple, or tenfold your profits.

4. What am I prepared to spend to get my revenue goal? 

"No Cross, No Crown," they say. Many individuals like omelets but dislike breaking eggs.

 That's delusion. Prepare to pay any price, face any load, and do everything it takes to gain more money in 2022.

 Do you need that impressive certification? Do you need to relocate to another state, or possibly another country? What additional talents do you need to master to double your present earnings? You restrict yourself if you are unwilling to pay any price to attain your goal.

5. How can I generate more money in 2022?

 Many individuals lack confidence and fear asking for assistance. Some individuals prefer to suffer and toil alone. Again, an attitude issue. 

All you need to know is that there are individuals eager to assist you if you simply ask nicely. You're not pleading. Begging is a sign of weakness and worthlessness. Remember, you're not asking for charity.

 You're just asking how to go from here to there. Ask Google, YouTube, Facebook, and dozens of other social networking sites. 

Avail of online groups Asking for aid may be done in numerous ways, so if you want to generate more money in 2022, make it a priority.

6. I want to affect how many lives?

 Bold and Abundance co-founder Dr. Peter Diamandis remarked that if you want to be a billionaire, affect one billion lives.

 To generate more money in 2022, you must touch more lives. So, what? You may become a community organizer like former President Barack Obama. Your community may benefit from your blog or podcast. 

Create an online school like Khan Academy. You may generate more money in 2022 by simply touching more people and making a great difference. Keep in mind that getting more money is not an ego trip.

7. Why do I want to earn more in 2022?

 As said before, gaining more money is not an ego trip. You need a huge "Why" to generate more money in 2022.

 To purchase a Rolls-Royce, construct a larger home or buy an Island all to yourself.

 You need a strong "Why" because the stronger your "Why", the more resilient you will be when things go rough. If your "Why" is weak, you'll give up at the first hurdle or tiny setback.

 A "Why" that impacts more people, improves the globe, and serves mankind is a "Why" that endures. Make more money in 2022 by focusing on your "Why."

Here are the seven most important questions to ask yourself in 2022. It begins with asking how much money I want to earn and really thinking about it. 

Everything else is futile without a goal quantity. Is what I'm doing now putting more money in my pocket? And then there's the question of how to double my income. 

Then comes the issue of how much am I prepared to spend to get my goal? So you ask, where can I get assistance making more money? How many lives do I want to touch? And why do I want to generate more money? 

If you ask these questions and look for solutions, you'll generate more money in 2022 than you did in the preceding 10 years. Sure.