Outsourcing | Get Your Work Done At a Lower Cost

Outsourcing | Get Your Work Done At a Lower Cost 

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Outsourcing | Get Your Work Done At a Lower Cost

The globalization phenomenon of the 1990s resulted in two enormous shifts, both of which seemed to be of unfathomable proportions only a few years before the beginning of the decade in question. 

Physical distances have shrunk as a result of the internet revolution, which has led economies to become more and more interconnected, in such a manner that any economic shift in one part of the globe is sure to have some form of impact on other parts of the world as well. 

When it comes to economics and service, globalization has essentially widened the boundaries within which companies previously operated, redrew the lines to include every part of the planet where firms can be established without difficulty and services can be purchased in plenty.

 This paradigm change had, in fact, evolved into the very heart of outsourcing. Almost 15 years after the beginning of outsourcing, market research has shown that it provides services at a cheap cost – as much as 50% less than in-house labor – and without sacrificing on the quality of the job or the time it takes to complete the task at hand.

Asian and south-Asian countries are considered hotbeds of outsourcing in these early years of the new millennium, a fact substantiated by market experts who estimate the net worth of the outsourcing industry based in these countries to be in the neighborhood of $100 billion, with the figure growing by the minute. 

The data themselves provide a clear picture of the quantity of work that is being outsourced to this region of the globe, and However, if you are new to this industry, you may be wondering how to get started with outsourcing.

Other considerations include how to outsource work and where to locate the services and skills that will be necessary in the process. Furthermore, where should the suggestions be posted in order to obtain the most amount of exposure? As a matter of fact, this is precisely what we are attempting to clarify in the following lines.

There are a number of websites where you may submit project ideas and needs. Here are some examples: Most of the websites demand a fee to join up in order to upload project data, however some of them are partially free to use and others are completely free. 

There are also free services that enable anyone to join up and list tasks for free, with just a small fee paid if the advertiser is successful in finding a freelancer via the site.

Wherever your advertising is posted, it is ultimately the exposure that counts in terms of attracting more talent and hence a larger talent pool from which the final selection may be made; this is true regardless of whatever website you choose.

 Consequently, it will be wise to upload the project on at least two different websites at the same time from a tactical standpoint. In an ideal world, this would be a pay-site with the most skilled services and the greatest number of viewers, as well as a free site. 

The project posted in the former may receive enhanced promotion – depending on the marketing standards and quality of the site – whereas the project posted in the latter, particularly if it is a new site such as workasfreelancer.com, places the client at the top of the list, increasing the likelihood of receiving quality bids with less effort.

Along with visibility, there is one other factor that the marketer should emphasize: the kind of project and a detailed description of the needs and expectations from your side about the freelancer who is bidding for the project, both of which should be included in the advertisement.

 It is, in reality, a method of informing the freelancer of the expectations you have for him. Such a clearly defined method of advertising jobs removes the problem of unsuitable bids and instead attracts a greater number of freelancers.

Work As Freelancer provides you with a free service from the point of posting the project all the way up to the point of signing the contract with the winning freelancer. 

It also enables customers to send private messages to others, which is different from other websites, both fee-based and partially-fee-based, in order to outline your project or to encourage someone else to participate in the bidding process. 

In addition, if a project is won or someone is picked to execute it, the customer or other interested party is given access to a project website that contains extensive information on the progress achieved, the escrow account, and other relevant information. 

Finally, the website team will provide you with the required pointers on what to do and what not to do when it comes to outlining the project requirements. In addition, you will not be charged a single cent for this service.